Microblading Brow Service

Microblading Eyebrows - £275
lasts 9 - 18 months
Touch Up between 4 to 6 weeks - £50
Touch up between 2 to 6 months - £75
Our Brow Specialist Ana Trained at the Prestigious Phi Brows Academy The Global Leaders in the Art of Semi Permanent Make Up. Ana is now a Certified and insured Phi Brows Artist able to perform Microblading Brow Procedures.


What is Microblading?

Microblading is fast becoming one of the most popular beauty treatments in the UK!What with brow trends becoming the a thing in the beauty industry the pressure is on to have great Brows 

It is otherwise known as eyebrow embroidery due to the manual way of delivering semi permanent pigments into the surface layer of the Dermis using sterilized tools. This technique delivers single stroke drawn hairs that look hyper-realistic and less obvious then permanent brow tattoos done with a PMU machine and has results that are finer and with less pigment blurring. Microblading is a popular choice for those wanting fuller brows or those in need of definition to fill in gaps due to over plucking, waxing or threading. Microblading is also the ideal option for those who have lost brow hair fully or partially due to alopecia or chemotherapy.

Is Microblading painful?

There can be some discomfort felt during the procedure but no more so usually then getting your brows waxed or threaded. A numbing agent is applied to the area to minimise any discomfort although some say they feel a little scratching sensation and others feel nothing at all. Everyone's pain threshold is different so it is relative and depends on the person.

Can I choose the Colour and Shape of my Brows

All Phi Brows Artist are trained using a Phi Compass Divider Tool which measures the shape of the brows according to the face shape and provides the perfect shape and symmetry. Once the brows are drawn in and you are completely happy with the shape a pigment colour is chosen and agreed upon based on the colour of the brows to give the most natural results. Only when a client is completely happy and has signed a consent form to declare they are happy to proceed, will the procedure commence.

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